text-security We excel at exceeding security requirements.


CTI satisfies customer specific security requirements for:
  • Facilities
    • General
    • Special manufacturing and work areas
    • Special meeting areas
  • Personnel
  • Processing of material
  • Storage of material
  • Access control
Security Contact Information:
  • Unsecure Phone: 703-719-6800 ext 138
  • Unsecure Fax: 703-719-6631
  • Secure Phone/Fax: 703-719-6654
  • Email: security2@cti.net
Visiting CTI:
  • All visitors traveling to the Alexandria Facilities (East and West Buildings), must check in and out with the receptionist at 5875 Barclay Drive, Alexandria, VA 22315.
  • All visitors traveling to the Sterling Facility must check in and out in the main lobby.